The Challenge

Targeting where resistance occurs in the conventional outflow pathway can be hard. Addressing the trabecular meshwork alone, or isolating a single point, may not be enough.

This unique anatomy and the possibility of resistance occurring at any point, means you need a surgical option that addresses all three points.

Between 50-75% of resistance may be in the Trabecular Meshwork1,2,3

Up to 50% of resistance may be in Schlemm’s canal and the distal collector channels1,2,3

The Solution
Only OMNI® targets all three points of resistance.

Trabecular meshwork
titratable trabeculotomy


Schlemm’s canal


Collector channels

ONE MIGS device

TWO implant free procedures

THREE points of resistance

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Meet the next generation OMNI® Surgical System.
With OMNI® Surgical System, you can perform two implant-free procedures targeting three points of resistance with one intelligent device.
Two procedures in one
intelligently designed device.
The OMNI® Surgical System is a manually operated device indicated for the delivery of small amounts of viscoelastic fluid during ophthalmic surgery through a custom microcatheter. It is also indicated for the cutting of trabecular meshwork when a trabeculotomy is indicated.
With its unique implant-free approach, the OMNI® Surgical System lets you access Schlemm’s canal with the microcatheter through a single clear corneal incision. Intelligently engineered with an internal reservoir delivering a controlled amount of viscoelastic fluid.
Titratable Trabeculotomy
To address the trabecular meshwork as a point of resistance within the conventional outflow pathway, the OMNI® Surgical System lets you perform a titratable trabeculotomy customized to meet your surgical plan.
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OMNI® Surgical System
Patient Selection
Female, 70 year old:
Blurry vision
  • VA 20/60 OD, 20/40 OS
  • OD: 2-3+ NSC, OS: 1+ NSC
  • History of glaucoma
  • Meds: Travaprost and Cosopt PF, QHS OU
  • IOP: 19 OD, 17 OS
  • Visual field loss
  • CD Ratio: OD 0.5, OS 0.5
Male, 72 years old:
Prior cataract surgery
  • VA 20/20 OD, 20/30 OS
  • Previous ocular history of POAG – on Combigan and Lumigan
  • IOP: 21 OD, 23 OS
  • OCT and visual fields reflect Evidence of progression of disease
  • CD Ratio: OD 0.7, OS 0.5
Reimbursement Information
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